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Human resources management is the process of identifying employees with strengths, skills, knowledge, experience, and talents who can contribute to organizational goals.

Integrity is Created in 2009, it was a pioneer of the profession.

HRM mainly works on national and international recruitment missions for executives and senior executives.

His experience gives him in-depth knowledge of different business sectors, the ability to mobilize the right networks and speed of action.


Its sustainability results from its ability to keep its commitments. Trust is only valuable over time. It is built over time. HRM is based on nearly five decades of experience and is part of the landscape of firms that prove their worth through action and build trust through their results.


Its success is embodied in the satisfaction of its customers. A rigorous methodology and solid tools are necessary to carry out research ... However, this is not enough! To move from method to implementation, that is to say from score to interpretation, HRM chooses its consultants for their ability to bring in each case an understanding of human and cultural issues. To carry out research, it is not enough to "set the pace". It is also necessary to discern weak signals, to have the intelligence of the situations and to listen to the vibrations.


Personalized HR solutions and services for your growing business.

If you're a startup or an established small to the mid-sized business owner, you understand the importance of hard work and flexibility. We were born from this very same need. We know what it takes to create a successful, profitable business and we're here to help you find the right talent to make your vision a reality. Integrity is an outsourced HR provider you can trust to keep your business idea running smoothly—and when it's time to grow, we're there to help you find, hire, develop, and retain the best employees.


Payroll administration

We provide automated payroll administration services to simplify and streamline payroll processing, time tracking, PTO, benefits management, and more. Our solutions also ensure that you have the ability to create reports, track wages, and manage schedules quickly and easily.


human resource management

With integrity, you gain access to a full-time human resources department, with experts who understand your performance management needs and can assist you in developing and implementing policies and procedures, setting and managing employee performance goals, staying up to date on safety and compliance regulations, and more.


Recruitment and Employee Relations

By proactively seeking suitable individuals and vetting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding applicants who are the best fit for your firm, the recruitment specialists at integrity can help you streamline the talent acquisition process. We can also assist you with implementing talent management solutions so that you can help your employees grow and prosper once your staffing needs are met.


workplace safety

Integrity's workplace safety and compliance experts can help you create a programmed that ensures you have the rules and procedures in place to secure your employees and prevent workplace accidents. Additionally, our workers' compensation insurance provides an additional layer of security for your company and its employees.

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