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  • Would you like to work for a specific company, but somehow it doesn't work?
  • Would you like to be able to present a perfect résumé?
  • Would you like to send applications efficiently and not waste time?
  • Have you already done countless interviews, but it never worked?
  1. We can address your "dream company" for you and explore your opportunities.
  2. We will create a perfect résumé for you, including cover letter and certificates in a PDF.
  3. We show you what you have to do yourself to manage your time sensibly.
  4. We practice a perfect interview with you.

What can you do yourself and what do you absolutely have to avoid?

  • Don't blindly write any applications for jobs you've never done before.
  • Please do not apply by mobile phone and without a proper letter of application.
  • If you are unemployed, start "working" at 8:00 am to find a job. "Work" 40 hours a week to find a job. And not just any, but YOURS.
  • Visit companies without an appointment. Ask about the HR department and who is responsible. Just ask for the HR manager's email address. This is how you get a first impression of the company. The chances of success may be slim and you may experience some embarrassment, but always ask yourself: What do I have to lose? What's the worst that can happen?
  • Ask all of your friends and relatives. Most jobs are not advertised at all!
  • Practice small talk. Learn to start a brief conversation in the elevator. In a pinch about the weather. That's what it's for.
  • Do not be a "victim" or a "supplicant" at job interviews. However, always stay friendly and rather humble.
  • Create your CV with a picture as a PDF file, including your certificates. There are many templates for this on the Internet. Most of the CVs are read in by software and processed automatically. That speeds up the whole process.
  • If you have a job offer, please do not ask in advance whether the position is still vacant. Just apply.
  • Every person has his "worth". It doesn't sound nice, but unfortunately it is. Find out your worth to a company. If you're making a business more than you cost, in theory you can make as much as you want. There is no faster, fairer and higher income opportunity than e.g. to work in sales. Preferably on a commission basis. The people who can sell are not afraid of it. Learn to Sell. You must also be able to "sell" yourself. Practice creates masters.
  • Do not place too high value on your school leaving certificate or certificates. This usually has little influence on the selection. The most important thing is the résumé. What did you do before? Have you changed employers every three months? Have you studied anything and then worked in a completely different industry? All of these things and much more will have a real impact on your application.
  • Offer to work on a trial basis for a short period of time so you can prove yourself.
  • Never speak negatively about a previous employer. Never speak bad of former co-workers and bosses. Avoid all topics, like illness, politics, religion, etc.
  • "As you come gone, you will receive". Dress appropriately for the position you are aiming for. Goethe already knew about the power and strength of first impressions and you only have one opportunity for that.
  • Don't waste your time watching TV at home or annoy your family. Educate yourself. There are many ways you can improve your skills with little money. And that's what ultimately matters. Go to libraries, book-stores. Search YouTube for topics that will help you.
  • Don't let the "no-sayers" of this world drag you down. There are perople they can help and others not. Learn to tell the difference between the two. Surround yourself with the first one.. Avoid and ignore the others.
  • If you want to ask friends or acquaintances for advice: only ask the people who are already what you want to be. In plain English this means: don't ask a beggar how to become a millionaire.
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