Integrity hiring recommendations
  • Outplacement advice
  • We can carry out terminations for you, including the necessary negotiations.
  • Recommendations to properly negotiate with the works council.
  • Put the works council in its place.
  • Identify mistakes made by the works council.
  • Conducting difficult appraisal interviews for you.
  • Minimize the costs of disputes.
  • Professional preparation and support in disputes before the labor court.
  • Find out for you the employees in your company to whom a new task should be recommended.
  • Organizing the best labor lawyers.
  • Find a social agreement with those who refuse to perform.
  • Show the limits of participation.
  • General training in labor law.
  • Reduce absenteeism.
  • Enforce labor law measures among low performers.
  • Adapt working hours to the workload.
  • Illnesses and misconduct as grounds for termination.
  • Enforce unilateral change in working conditions.
  • Enforce performance-based pay.
  • Create motivation for employees.
  • Stop bullying effectively.
  • Generally making working hours more flexible.
Integrity headhunters

As an entrepreneur, you naturally have a responsibility for your employees. That welded everyone together for years. You may also enjoy a high reputation in the place where your company operates. Your wife, children, friends and acquaintances also live here.


It only becomes problematic when the economic situation calls for measures not to endanger the entire company. This is where we come in. We will determine and communicate the unpleasant "truth" for you. However, we do not limit ourselves to sending you an invoice with a catalog of measures, but support and accompany you 100% in the implementation until the measure is completely completed.


An opinion that is unfortunately often held by managers:

Having to fire a close associate you know personally is a disaster.

Closing an entire plant is just a "statistic" for many managers.

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