• Why hire a headhunter? Your costs for your HR department are of course very high.
  • You only pay us if you are successful. Your HR department employees pay you every month, regardless of whether they can meet your needs or not.
  • Do you know your industry perfectly, and would you like to convince someone to work for your company? Especially medium-sized companies and the so-called hidden champions with unfavorable locations and operating facilities have ever greater recruiting problems in bright minds' competition.
  • We speak to this candidate for you and clarify in advance what options are available. You will remain anonymous to the candidate for as long as you see fit.
  • All of your information will be treated with absolute confidentiality and will not be passed to anyone. Our fee is only due if the placement is successful. 
  • Do you need qualified employees as quickly as possible in an environment in which good specialists are "in short supply"?
  • Good people are still a dime a dozen. The only problem for you is that these people are almost always in a stable position. These people are of course also aware of your worth. To give up a good position and jump into the deep end with a new employer, you have to be able to offer something attractive. And we'll help you find that out. Say goodbye to the thought of convincing people with more money.
  • It's almost like love. Those that are easy to get are usually not good either or don't stay long.
  • Many companies have never worked with a headhunter. They mostly looked for people through job advertisements. The result today: "We cannot find suitable employees". Conclusion: The good people just don't sit at home and read job advertisements or write countless applications.
  • You don't see the good people as a company. The applications you get are only a tiny fraction of around 5% from employees that you could approach.
  • We rely entirely on artificial intelligence AI (robot recruiting) in order to be able to provide you with the fastest and best possible results. Algorithms and automation help us to find the "right" candidate. The possible suitable candidate for the subsequent personal interview can thus be identified much faster. That saves you time and of course costs. The advantage is that AI does not allow emotions or personal preferences, etc. to flow into the selection process. The "matching" that follows works in a similar way to that of the partner exchanges. It has worked extremely well there for many years.
  • We rely on direct approaches when filling executives.

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