AI helps HR teams identify and screen candidates for suitability. Users can build a database, shorten the recruitment cycle, and hire more applicants faster than ever before.


How it works:

1. Get started today with just a few clicks and 100% free.

2. Target your ideal candidates in seconds - look for attributes of the type of professionals you want to find.

3. From here we take it - we deliver all the contacts that match your criteria and validate their email, mobile, etc. in real-time.


By combining AI and INTEGRITY you can achieve:

• Instantly collect candidate contact information, including email, direct elections.

• Keep your database up to date so you don't miss an important opportunity.

• Use customized contact information to start conversations with the right candidates.


Add the AI today and give your HR staff the power to spend their time recruiting instead of maintaining contact information.


Setup and installation

Click on the Power Elite Program Enrollment link and either enroll or enroll in INTEGRITY. All completely free of charge and without obligation.

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